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Windows Live Messenger 8

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Well, with the large amount of people who've expressed interest in using the Beta of Windows Live Messenger 8, there's bound to be a bunch of thought and opinions from others in the forum...


My thoughts? Initally, I like the look of the login screen...pretty streamlined, and looked like it would match with Vista. But once it logged on and I was presented with my contacts....things went downhill from there. First of all, I find that the shrunken area for contacts, plus the increased size of their names makes it a bit difficult to navigate around. The UI just doesn't do it for me....it seems too...clunky. Plus, (although you can turn it off) the expanding contact's annoy the hell out of me. It gives you even less space to see who's online. Plus the fact that you have to hover over a contact just to determine their status...I liked the old status icons much better.


I haven't really tried many of the new features, like the shared folders and whatnot. I don't think there's anyone on my list for me to try them with. I do like the handy search bar, that lets you search through your contacts. But other than that, I'm just not liking it.


Hopefully MSN Plus will support the Beta soon...that would make using it a bit more tolerable. But until then, I think I'm staying away from Live 8...hopefully future versions improve!



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