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tutorial for DCPUmanager 2 Prefpane


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ok, so i loved DCPUmanager v 0.5, but i couldnt get to set the cpu frequency when i found i need some power, especially on battery... also when im running parallels, i find cpu is always on 2000 even when im doin nothing.

and that made me first force quit it from active monitor and then run cputhrottle2beta where you can set your frequency.

cputhrottler2beta has its problems coz it doesnt save the profile and ull have to set ur settings at each boot, also it makes this alert beep everynow and then, also it sometimes made my music switch to the right channel and low quality sound.


so DCPUmanager 2 is a prefpane that is actually DCPUmanager v 0.5 based to manage speedstep, and has a menu bar icon where u can switch between dynamic or any frequency of your processor.


It can be found at: http://v4.kazzuya.com/dcpumanager_prefpane

According to macdotnub, you should ignore the warnings written on that page, and i can see that it is actually DCPUmanager but with a prefpane, so no harm should happen... and macdotnub recommends it if you have cputhrottling working and acpicputhrottler is loading fine.


on the website, there was nothing mentioned on how to get this utility to run at startup with admin privileges,

so here's my tutorial


1)unzip the downloaded file.

2)double click 'DCPUManager2.prefPane' file

3)According to installation of the pref pane to the local user or all computer users, go to '/users/library/preferencepanes/' or '/system/library/preferencepanes/' respectively and locate the 'DCPUManager2.prefPane' file

4)right click and click 'show package contents', and double click contents folder in the new opening window, then double click 'Resources' folder

5)Now open the 'System Preference', click 'Accounts' on the bottom left.

6)select your account and click the 'Login Items' tab

7)Now back to the last finder window, drage 'TheThrottlingThing' file to the login items and check the Hide box, and close System Preferences.

8)Now open the 'terminal', it is found in 'utilities' folder in 'applications' folder.

9) copy paste what's between the ' ' : 'sudo chown -R 0:0 ' and drag 'TheThrottlingThing' file from its window to the terminal so that it automatically writes its path. then hit enter

10)write your password when prompted

11) Back to the finder window, right click on 'TheThrottlingThing' and click 'show package contents'

12)double click 'contents' folder in the new opening window, then double click the 'MacOS' folder to find another file called 'TheThrottlingThing'

13)now go back to the terminal and copy paste what's between the ' ' : 'sudo chmod +s ' and drag the second 'TheThrottlingThing' file to the terminal to write down its path then hit enter

14)write password when prompted.

15)congrats, now u got a startup dcpumanager2 prefpane without the password prompt every now and then.

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Followed your guide, and now it works fine on mine, so thanks for that.

However, I am now not able to shutdown the computer because TheThrottlingThing is not quiting - I have to force-quit it.


Any idea?



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