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HELP: Leopard installs but cant pass the set up


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So I'm installing the Kalyway release of 10.5.1, i did the vanilla boot to load the EFI, I did a GUID Partition, and I selected the right drivers for my hardware, and the install goes great. But when I reboot and start filling out the info I get ot the point where OSX asks me if I want to transfer information from another computer, when I select the option which says "Do not transfer information from another Mac," the system stalls for a minute and then starts the process all over again with the star treky welcome animation, so I get stuck in this loop! I've even tried on an old IDE drive which was lying around and its the same thing. If anyone has any advice on how to fix this please let me know, and please don't bring up the iATKOS release, that one doesn't work for me.


My specs are



Intel E2140 Allendale 1.6GHz

WD 500gb SATA hdd

2gb Buffolo select DDR2 667

Writemaster SATA DVD/DL RW

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The same thing happened to me. After searching extensively throughout the forum, the only real solution seems to be installing Tiger first, and then upgrading to Leopard.



How exactly did you install leopard over tiger? did you install from a dmg or iso file within osx, or did you do the whole installation from a dvd, or did you transfer information from a tiger install to a leopard install during the set up point where I got stuck?


Thanks for the help man.

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this is the solution:

follow this guide.


i paste it from another topic, but i cant found it right now.

so just do it like below,and you can through it,then you can login with root account.

have fun!


QUOTEFOR ALL HAVE This issue (after the end of the choice, osx return on the video)

(command are after ">" on each line, before you find a comment.


Start your pc and press F8, here ask to start in single user mode :

to do that, write >-s and press enter

Your osx start in console mode.

Here, start to check hard drive >/sbin/fsck -fy and press enter

Osx scan you pc and does to answer you : File system was modified.

After we does to mount all drives >/sbin/mount -uw / and press enter ; Dont forget the "/" it ask to mount all drives

Them, now we does to active and creat password for the root account >passwd root

The system ask for a new pass : enter it and confirm an other time when asking (press enter each time).


Now we does to do something to notify to osx that we have end the Setup. >touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone and press enter (Don't forget the "." before Apple).

And now you could restart >reboot and press enter


Now don't touch anything, osx boot and ask you to log in

Enter : log : root

and the pass you have choose before.

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thanks for all of the advice guys, what i ended up doing was installing tiger to an extra hard drive, then i copied the information from that fresh tiger install to my leopard hard drive when i got to the transferring information screen which had been holding me up previously, now i have leopard installed with EFI and thanks to Laik's virginizer script it doesn't look so ugly anymore.

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Honestly, this didn't work for me. Nor did various variations on the theme from google searches. I (like, apparently, several other people out there) ended up having to scrap and reinstall leopard.


That aside, lolec: You are booting from the hard disk and not the DVD, right? (I'm not entirely sure, but I'm under the impression that the dvd may be missing some of the bash commands.) --Just a thought.

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I have the same bloody issue here and I found that the welcome video starts from DVD!!!! ;)

How possible? Without DVD the blinking cursor. With F8 it shows only the iATKOS DVD (I need iATKOS as it has the X3100 video drivers and with Kalyway I had no success at all) so it means there is no OS on the drive (I suppose). I am stuck in the loop, I have to invent something... what? boh...


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