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Wont boot after installed


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Hi, i finaly managed to get leopard installed... until after it restarts it comes to the white screen with the apple logo in the center and the loading circle and it stays on that screen wont get passed


can anyone help me out?




I am a nooby in OS X (Tiger first and sind few Minutes Leopard, too), maybe since 3-4 days. Therefore I used XP or Vista on my "HP Pavilion dv9560eg"...


But I'll tried to help...


1. Which Image you used?

2. Do you have patched after install of Leopard?

3. What kind of hardware do you used?


To ToH Leopard 10.5 RC2 solution:


1. Install Leopard and restart with DVD and from DVD.

2. Open a Terminal and type "/usr/misc/script.sh volume" (volume = name of the installation disc). Do not reboot now!!

3. now the important thing (I habe found it after long search):

3.1. type: diskutil list // it will give you the list oft your system (with alle volumes and so on) - remember your disk (like "Leopard" (volume) and "disk0s1" (first hdd sata - same with volume)

3.2. type: diskutil unmount "/Volume/volume" // without "", if there no space in the name of volume and volume = look above

3.3. type: dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s1 bs=512 count=1

3.4. type: /usr/misc/startfiletool /dev/disk0s1 /usr/standalone/i386/boot

3.5. type: /usr/sbin/bless -device /dev/disk0s1 /dev/disk0s1 -setBoot -verbose // yes 2x "/dev/disk0s1"

3.6. type: diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1

3.7. type: /usr/sbin/bless -mount "/Volume/volume" -setBoot -verbose // without "", if there no space in the name of volume and volume = look above

3.8. Now Reboot!!! and it will start...





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