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i have installed Kalyway Leo DVD on Pentium 4 3 ghz,all work perfectly, but about this mac causes logout.

Any idea?


Thank you.


On mine, this happened when Mac CPU ID is enabled in BIOS...take a look, and if yours is enabled just disable it.



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I've run into this same problem here. I've installed the iATkos 1.0ir2 version on a MSI PT880 board. When ever I select about this mac, it just logs me off and closes any open programs.


I did check my bios, and MAX CPU ID is disabled.


Any other ideas for this problem ????


Thanks !

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I did a BIOS update, and for some reason it worked after that on my machine. I think there were some microcode updates.


No Bios updates available for my board. This one is annoying me. Anyone have a clue that might lead me in the right direction ?


A bunch of other issues with Leopard but, trying to figure them out before posting about them..


Thanks if anyone can help !

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"about this mac causes logout."

I have the same problem. on my new (MSI 965 NEO-F).

(Changed Board from ASUS Pentium D to MSI 965 Intel E2160)

"Max CPI ID" is disabled in BIOS.


All other things work (both cores).

Also the System Profiler runs without probs


Do we need special AppleSMBIOS.KEXT ( will try latest -27-V6) ?


Not really an very bad problem (since Systemprofiler runs well) but perhaps someone ...

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