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ATI RS400/200 Motherboard Chipset

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Has anyone got any version of Mac OS working on these chipsets? I am trying to get Leopard installed but it's nearly next to impossible. I have some information to share as I have been researching about them, but I am new to this so I hope there is someone more experienced who can help us out.


Ok first I was able to boot into the Kalyway DVD. This image actually recognized my SATA HD which is a Seagate Barracuda variant I believe. I was able to properly format my partition in the a journaled one. The problem with the Kalyway DVD is that it always hangs on the install, it never gets past say 15%.


Now the iATKOS DVD with PPF2 R2 boots nicely, it is much faster than the Kalyway image but it does not recognize my SATA HD. I believe this has something to do with the ATI chipsets.


Now if iATKOS works so smooth, it may have a chance of actually installing. The question is how to we merge the functionality of the two images? The ability to read SATA HD's on the ATI RS400/200 chipset from Kalyway needs to be somehow implemented into the iATKOS image.


Would this just be transferring a series of Kexts? I am not sure, maybe someone can help me. ;) Note: I'll be trying the ToH DVD next.


Some of my computer information.

----- [Motherboard] ------------------------------------------------------------

Property				   Value
Manufacturer			   Intel Corporation
Model					  D101GGC
Version					AAD35788-305
Serial Number			  BTGC61102T9C

Chipset Vendor			 ATI Technologies Inc
Chipset Model			  RS400/200 Host Bridge
South Bridge			   IXP SB400 PCI-ISA Bridge

CPU						Intel Pentium D
Cpu Socket				 LGA775 [Socket 775]
Processor Upgrade		  ZIF Socket
Max CPU Speed			  3800 MHz

System Slots			   2 PCI

Memory Summary			 
Location				   System board or motherboard
Maximum Capacity		   1024 MBytes
Memory Slots			   2
Error Correction		   None
Use						System memory
Maximum Memory Module Size 32 MBytes

Warning!				   Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed

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Yeah, I am wondering wether my ATI chipset will work, not a lot of information on ATI chipsets.

Here's mine.

Cheers, Mark






Northbridge ATI Xpress 1250 (RS600) rev. 00

Southbridge ATI SB600 rev. 00

Graphic Interface PCI-Express

PCI-E Link Width x16

PCI-E Max Link Width x16

Memory Type DDR2

Memory Size 2048 MBytes

Channels Dual

Memory Frequency 333.3 MHz ()

CAS# 5.0

RAS# to CAS# 5

RAS# Precharge 5

Cycle Time (tRAS) 15

Bank Cycle Time (tRC) 20

Command Rate 2T

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I've got the D101GGC board. If you are using version 312 of your BIOS you should be fine to install OSx86. I've tried using 313 and found that there are alot of problems. Anyways, for Tiger I've always been using JaS 10.4.8 with all of the PPF's applied. If you are looking into Leopard I would recommend iATKOS, but make sure that it has the PPF applied, otherwise it will restart when you try to boot the DVD. With iATKOS you need to make sure that you install the no-HPET kernel, do no check the stock ACPI, and install the 8139 driver for you ethernet driver. you can also install the EFI emulator. The built in Video card probably wont work, but I am using a Geforce 5200, which work well. If you have any problems feel free to PM me.

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2 jadedknight

Try to install a system through VMWare. I am successful with my RS300 chipset.


2 wark1970

In your sign I see only real macs. What about ATI chipset?


P4P800 Asus Mobo, P 3.4HT, 2Gb Ram, Nvidia 6600 GT (sse3 JaS 10.4.9 and Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1)

Acer travelmate 292LMi (sse2 JaS 10.4.9 )

Ati chipset is => Acer Aspire Desktop 3610 - sporting the ATi chipset I wrote about earlier, Nvidia 8400 GS, 2Gb (no OSX yet)

Dell Optiplex GX270 - P4 2.2 SSE2, 1.6Gb Ram, Nvidia 5200FX AGP - 10.4.10


The first two are good hacks.

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