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10.4.11/10.4.10 GMA900 blue screen fix via paper clip not work anymore? due to kernel/Netkas efi problem?


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Is anyone using 10.4.11 on GMA900 that still works with the paper clip method? (1, 2 or 3 wire)

I can only get it to display when external monitor is attached.


I am able to install xxx 10.4.11 with GUID EFI on SSE2 with 8.11.1 kernel, the only problem left is the video...


--- (after spending many hours reinstalling)


I tried to use non-EFI/non-GUID (regular MBR) kernel with 8.9.1 and video works again with 10.4.10 or 10.4.11.. where is the problem? EFI patch or 8.11.1 kernel...?



I am using Tiger again because Leopard doesn't support GMA900. but I wanted to add GUID to it since I am erasing my HD anyways. So for a SSE2 machine:


Any version of OSX (10.4.10 or 10.4.11)


1) GUID version of EFI by netkas + Kernel 8.11.1 use "EFI patching required" (no need to type -legacy..)

Result: ONLY external video work. (Tried 1,2,3 wire but not work. I did not try resistors) but I can't carry an LCD monitor with me all the time

-- you can't use 8.9.1 with EFI.. its incompatible.


2) MBR non EFI, non netkas + Kernel 8.9.1.

Result: 1 wire trick works again.

-- you can't use 8.11.1 because it NEEDS EFI..


---since 8.10.1 or 8.10.3 is SSE3 only I have not tested it.


What more can I do to isolate the problem. Would love to use GUID if possible because of easy resizing...



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Old topic, but there is solution. Take Chameleon EFI and AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer, that does not require external Monitor or Paperclip, ant it works with 8.11.1 Kernel.

Witch version of AppleIntelIntergratedFrameBuffer , that does not require paper clip or external monitor in Tiger on laptop ?

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