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How much should I be willing to pay for this archaic G4 Powermac?


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400MHz G4 processor, 640MBs of ram, 20GB HDD


I'd mainly use it for browsing the internet, Adium X, and perhaps some old school Unreal Tournament. :P



How much should I be willing to pay and which version of OS X (if any) could it run?


[edit] Would it also be possible to take the 120GB HDD, Radeon 9500 Pro, and 1GB of RAM from my current PC and pop it in this machine?

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To be honest it's probably worth about 150 bucks, but see if they'll take something around 50.


It can run up to OSX10.4 fine and can run 10.5 with a little hacking though I wouldn't suggest it.


As for the PC hardware, it depends. The hard drive will work fine. The video card is doubtful, but it's a possibility. Is the Power Mac and AGP graphics or PCI? If it's AGP you might be able to flash the card to Mac spec. Those Macs used PC100 ram, so if the ram you have is PC100 than it will work.

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Yeah, get a dual door! It can fly!


Then you can use it for hardcore gaming [some] if you wanted.


You could also use it for many other demanding things like editing


Here is the model you are looking for: http://www.apple-history.com/?page=gallery...e&order=ASC


Here is some ram (if you need it) : http://www.memoryx.net/pog4du1dm.html


The Mac on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/APPLE-POWER-MAC-G4-QUI...1QQcmdZViewItem


I'm not to judge your budget and all; but this IS a good investment. Or if you want go the extra mile and get a G5! :(


EDIT: I forgot to put gaming before hardcore, I hope it will not give the wrong idea! :unsure:

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Go for $50. If not, max $150. With a 400MHz processor and a puny 20GB HDD, its not a great performer. I bet if my 500MHz G3 was still alive, it could well rival that machine. Instead, go for a Power Mac G4. Those things have good performance and they'll last you quite a while, plus they are pretty cheap. I found a pretty good deal for a dual G4 on eBay:


* Dual 1.25GHz G4 processors

* SuperDrive

* 512MB RAM (Free Upgrade to 1GB if you Buy it Now)

* Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (which can be easily upgraded to Leopard)

* 80GB Hard Drive


Current bidding price: $499.99

Buy It Now Price: $549.99


Check it out here

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