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No Hard Drives In Disk Utility


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Well now I can boot into the iATKOS DVD fine with the new patch. The problem is the disk utility cannot see my SATA HD, any suggestions? The funny thing is, I can see the disks in the Kalyway DVD, but the DVD hangs during the install. Maybe there is something I can bring over from that DVD to make iATKOS work?


----- [Motherboard] -------------------------------------------------

Property				   Value
Manufacturer			   Intel Corporation
Model					  D101GGC
Version					AAD35788-305
Serial Number			  BTGC61102T9C

Chipset Vendor			 ATI Technologies Inc
Chipset Model			  RS400/200 Host Bridge
South Bridge			   IXP SB400 PCI-ISA Bridge

CPU						Intel Pentium D
Cpu Socket				 LGA775 [Socket 775]
Processor Upgrade		  ZIF Socket
Max CPU Speed			  3800 MHz

System Slots			   2 PCI

Memory Summary			
Location				   System board or motherboard
Maximum Capacity		   1024 MBytes
Memory Slots			   2
Error Correction		   None
Use						System memory
Maximum Memory Module Size 32 MBytes

Warning!				   Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed



Advanced Tab

- Boot Configuration

-- Numlock [On]

-- Limit CPUID MaxVal [Disabled]

-- CPU Fan control [Enabled]

-- System Fan Control [Enabled]


- Peripheral Configuration

-- Onboard Lan [Enabled]

-- Onboard Lan Boot ROM [Disabled]

-- Audio [Auto]

-- Serial Port A [3F8/IRQ4]

-- Parallel Port [378/IRQ7]

-- Mode [ECP]

-- (Grayed Out): x ECP Mode Use DMA [3]


- Drive Configuration

-- Onboard Chip SATA [iDE Controller]

-- S.M.A.R.T [Enabled]

-- Goes on to list Hd's.....


Boot Tab

-- Silent Boot [Enabled]

-- Intel Rapid BIOS Boot [Enabled]

-- USB Boot [Enabled]

-- Lists boot devices..

-- Halt On [All, But Keyboard]

-- Boot priorities...



Of course that is not all, but the rest are about power, memory clocks or w/e and floppy drives. Although if you need more I can post it.

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Hi Jaded,


any progress since XMas?


I have not seen many sucessful cases with Pentium D. Anyway the problem seems to be the driver from your disk controller (IXP???). Kalyway sure has a good set of drivers.


I'm in a similar scenario. Core2Duo laptop functionnal. Trying on AMD Turion64 laptop with uphuck 10.4.9 v2 (AMD+Intel), I can't detect the disks. However, the Intel version of uphuck dvd (v4) can detect the disks, but obviously it will not work with the Turion CPUs.


I wish someone would help us. For now im downloading uphuck 10.4.9 v4 AMD version and Kalyway 10.5.1 AMD...

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I am getting the same problem on a BENQ A32 laptop.

It also has an ATI x200 chipset graphics card but the installer seems to work perfectly until it has to detect the volumes and then nothing, disk utility does not seem any local drives either.

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Hmm... Have you tried searching for the drives via terminal and manually mounting them?


Disk utility will show all Devices/Volumes, mounted or not. The problem are kexts and some OSX86 DVDs are better than others. If your disk controller is not functionnal try another distrib. Also recommend trying Tiger before Leo unless you have common Core2Duo hardware.

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