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Did anyone successfully boot installation DVD using IDE DVD on Jmicron Controller?


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Yes, it's fine, so long as the disk has JMicron support, and you set the controller to 'IDE' mode in the BIOS.


Uphuck 10.4.9 1.2 definitely has the kext, as does a BrazilMac modded 10.5 (although under 10.5 you can delete the AppleVia kext and just add the deviceID to JMicron.kext after installing, which works better although it is a bit verbose - not great if you want to go back and read your system log.)


However, the controller is a real POS, under any OS. It seems it was causing me bad burns for a long time, since the drive which was hooked up to it is now hooked up to an ICH7's native IDE port and it works fine. You won't regret getting an SATA DVD drive in the long term.

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