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Security Update 2007-009 breaks DHCP with tulip.kext


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Hi all!


I discovered after installing Security Update 2007-009 for Leopard that I no longer could connect to the web.


The problem is that my add in Linksys100tx ethernet card, which formerly was recognized as built in ethernet with tulip.kext, is no longer seen as built-in ethernet.


This may be true for other add on cards.


Ethernet access can be restored as follows:


1) Start up System Preferences, Network.


2) Your ethernet might appear as "Ethern...or (en1)" rather than "built-in" If not, click the "+" at lower left corner and it will be added.


3) Click on the yellow dot beside "Ethern...or (en1)"


4) Choose Configure, pick manual


5) You need to enter a valid IP address, the router IP address, and DNS server addresses.


6) Pick apply, now it works.


I don't see this as a flaw in tulip.kext -- actually it is correct that it is not "built-in"

It would be nice if we could figure out how to make DHCP work again.

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