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P5K BIOS settings for starting Leo


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I tryed BrazilMAC and ToH releases using different tutorials (with and w/o EFI) and I got managed to install Leo but when I boot system for the first time it stops at some stage.


I tryed:

- IDE HDD on JMicron controller (used corrected JMicronATA.kext)

- SATA HDD on ICH9 (red socket, SATA set to Enchanced, IDE)


in all cases I managed to install leo, patch/delete kernels etc. but cannot get it boot.

It stops somewhere in the middle


I suspect some settings are wrong in BIOS so maybe someone who had succeded in running leo on P5K mobo and similar system could help me with BIOS settings.


Will try new Kalyway DVD now but not sure it's gonna be diffirent


thanks a lot

P.S. my bios (v8.05 updated frm 6.03) has only IDE SATA mode, no AHCI)

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try new kalyway dvd

format your partition fat32 on xp and set it to active

install kalyway with both vanilla and the other kernel

choose your darwin method ,mbr for example

works gr8

imagine that i have the system now in a usb disk partitioned ,in the 2nd partition and boots ok

i'll test a lot and then i'll move to sata disk

only problem so far is with ps2 keyboard

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Thanks, installing now but on GUID partition.

Could it be that I cannot load system because of my LEadteck nvidia 8600 card? But I use NVInject.kext and it seems it detects NVidia card but not sure if it's 8600

installed Kaly but still the same problem.

so any ideas?

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he said that he's bios has no ahci

the problem is not there cause kalyway works ok with jmicron

search in the forum somw threads for making the partition active

i can't think of something else

does system after install comes to darwin boot?

or it stops before with a blinking _ only?

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