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Almost had it.... Wont get past boot screen PLEASE HELP


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Well I was really excited about getting mac on my pc,


I followed the tutorial on the main site http://wiki.osx86project.org for installing on a USB harddrive


Everything seems to be working fine, im pretty positive i have the right hardware....


I installed the OS I went into my BIOS and set it to boot from USB HD and i booted up Mac os.......


It went to a white screen with the apple in the center, and a loading circle underneat it.... it loaded and then all the sudden a grey box popped up and said please restart. And it will not stop doing this.


Can someone please help me out? I installed a pre patched 10.4.8


Thanks a lot in advance

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I reinstalled the mac os just to make sure I had done it correctly...


It still doesnt work


I have it set to boot from usb , and it boots fine...


it shows the mac startup screen and then says i need to restart....


Im starting to think maybe, i have an incompatable hardware issue, although i thought i would be fine.


I have a HP pavilion 9008nr, 1 gb of ram, amd turion64 duo, NVIDIA graphics .......




Thanks a lot

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when you go to boot from the USB drive, start spamming F8 after the BIOS post screen (kind of like trying to get the safe mode menu for WinXP) and you'll get into the Darwin bootloader. type -v and hit enter, this is verbose mode and lets you see the specific error message that's keeping you from booting. write down the error, paste it here, and cross your fingers someone has an answer.


i've installed OSX 10.4.8 off the JaS installer, everything's fine. after deleting the Geforce.kext to resolve a kernel panic, it boots right into the desktop properly and i enter all my info etc and everything looks peachy. but when i restart again, OSX stops booting with a blue background and the mouse on the screen. mouse moves, not locked up, just not going any further than the blue screen. anyone have any ideas? i've asked in the relevant thread, just figured i'd attach my question here and hope one gets answered :angel:


Core 2 duo e6550 @3.2ghz

evga nforce 650i ultra mobo

2gb ddr800

ATI Radeon X1950gt 512mb

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I wouldn't recommend to use a USB but once again try to boot into verbose mode and post and errors and also make sure you have USB 2.0 :blink:

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ok well this isnt looking every good..


i booted into -v mode and got the following:


Pcilode, 2f0: famiy specific matching fails

UVGA: family specific matching fails

(lots os family specific fails)

Natit: setting @1,EDID= <data not shown>

Natit: setting 0,NVMT+=<data not shown>

Natit: setting NVCAP=<data not shown>

Natit: setting model=nVidia unknown card

titan:testing for nVidia card

titan:found NVIDIS GeForce Go 6150

kextd[25]:kextd_watch_volumes:couldnt set up diskarb sessions


umm i did want to put this on my internal drive, but i dont want to have to format this drive, and stuff like that..


can anyone tell me whats going on here?


EDIT: its showing up in acronis os selector as "unkown os" and not "mac os"

So something is def wrong

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is it just sitting there complaining about the diskarb sessions? mine does that too but it doesn't hang there for long and continues to boot into the desktop. if you're just rebooting as soon as you see those msgs, try waiting a minute or two and seeing if it continues to boot. you might also try booting into safe mode by holding down the Shift key during booting - start holding it before it gets to the Darwin loading message. if it's a graphics card problem i believe safe mode bypasses all graphics drivers and should let you boot.


im no expert on OSX, i've barely been using it a few days minus the experience with 10.4.3 a long long time ago.


just noticing...isn't "natit" the ATI driver tool? might be possible, if thats the case, that the ATI drivers are causing some problem.

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