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Hp dv6000 Laptop Media Center XP


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Hi I am sort of new to this and I would love to get Leopard installed on my PC because i am a HUGE apple fan and i was converted just after i bought my PC. Well i found out that it was possible to install Leopard and i have tried but failed plenty of times. I am almost just gonna give up, but i think that this may be my last hope. I am posting an attachment containing my PC Specs and I hope that someone here can help me by showing which install to use and other info i may need in order to make a clean install. BTW i am installing it to an external Hard drive if that makes any difference. I am thanking anyone who helps me in advance because this process is very long and strenuous and i just cannot figure it out. My computer is a 2005 HP Media Center with an AMD Processor. Help is wanted!!


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