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Weird Problem With Nvidia

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Hey guys,


I hope that somebody could help me with my problem, here we go:

1 - I got Jas Installed in a Triple Boot setup with openSuSe, XP

2 - Just after installed it boots fine and i know that it's working because i can listen to Apple's Initial comentary, i can hear everything that is said, the problem is, i can't see, it's just a black screen

3 - After Deleting Titan, NV*, Geforce*...i can see again my screen.

4 - If i install Titan or Natit, it boots fine, but, i got a black screen...it's not hanged, it's working it's just that i can't see anything.


Any help would be apreciated.


Thank you all in Advance

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Absolutely Weird, I found something that i didn't see here in this forum.

I've conected a external monitor on my DVI connection and i got surprised, MAC OSX is sending the video to the DVI Connection, i can see everything on a external Monitor, that's weird....How to make it send the screen back to the laptop's LCD?

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Ok Guys, i take it that nobody have ever seen what happened to me...

Anyway just to keep you posted about the progress, deleting all NV* and Gef* but leaving either Titan or Natit there gives me my screen back to Laptop LCD, but, still no QE/CI...

:(:blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink::blink: ....i'm getting very confused here.

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