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Dell XPS M1710


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Wanted to get a Leopard thread started for my buddy's M1720. Please post your progress!


I presently have 10.5.1 running (EFI+Vanilla), 7950 512MB fully detected/HW-accelerated and forcing cpu=1


Install Method

- ToH RC2 w/ post install fixboot script


First boot, caught w/ F8 and forced single core (<F8> cpus=1 -legacy -f<ENTER>)


Once in 10.5 I installed:

- new ToH kernel (for EFI support and potentially better multi-core support)

- pc_efi_v5 (MBR) (just dumped folder to /iamefi)

- AppleSMBIOS.kext, dsmos.kext

- Time Machine fix

- NVinjectgo 512mb 0.1.0 (did not have to edit any plists)

- 10.5.1 update (universal)

- Azalia Out only pkg

(rebooted into single user and ran EFI install script. rebooted w/ same options and bingo - 10.5.1 vanilla)


System appears to be running stable (disabled disk/display sleeping and standby)

EFI reports mac pro

NVidia 7950 is now QE/CI and in 1920x1200

HD Audio port detected


Not working (have not started working on this yet):

both cores (both cores will boot okay but I get excessive jerky mouse and huge pausing/freezing)

onboard NIC

mini-pci wifi

onboard audio


What to test next:

New ToH amd/intel sse3 sleep kernel and kexts *EDIT: didn't seem to make a difference*

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For the most part this thing is running great. Bluetooth mouse works, but if i try to pair up with my phone it freezes my phone oddly enough. Sound semi-works. Good enough for me.... the only thing I'm really dying for here is the true 2 core support. Here's hoping......

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