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RTL 8187 Wireless help please


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edit2: FIXED Bit more searching and i found i had to add the vendor/product id to the kext. Works fine now! yay! :(


So, cant get my belkin USB wifi to work. Chipset is RTL8187B.


Tried the following drivers, 87_Mac10.4_v1309, 87B_Mac10.4_v1117, RRTL8187B_MacOS10.4_1088. Non of which work :)




Aspire 3610 Laptop

Intel Celeron M - SSE2 Only

Intel GMA900 - working fine

Sound - dunno wat it is, working fine though

USB Ports - all working

No SATA - All IDE as its a fairly old laptop


There dosnt seem to be a problem installing the drivers. All of the driver packages i've tried install with no errors, problem is none of them seem to want to fire-up either the USB stick or the 'Realtek WLAN' app, so there isnt a new device in Network preferences or anything. Even after multiple install/reinstalls of the driver, the app still hangs and i have to force quit. The usb device still shows up in System Profiler though, so i guess its 'there'.


Tried iATKOS r3 and Uphuck 10.4.9i and no luck with either. Downloading Jas 10.4 at the mo to see if that will help.


Any ideas?





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Hi! I installed the realtek 8187 wifi on kalyway 10.5.2. Now it recognize the usb adaptor and I can connect to the wireless network. But still havent got internet on safari! What do I have to do now?


intel dual2core 2.66

asus p5k-e wifi ap

ati radeon hd 3600 series

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