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Trent Reznor is teasing me...

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In the last week, I've seen two YouTube videos from NIN's YouTube page of studio footage, and now there's a pic on NIN.com entitled "Checking The Mix."


I loved the whole Year Zero thing, but my patience has left me.


The other musician I worship, Steven Wilson, has exhausted his output of the year. A new Porcupine Tree album, an new Porcupine Tree EP, new PT Fanclub, announcement of a PT reissue, a new Blackfield DVD, a new Continumm CD, and whatever else I forgot....


Reznor has been teasing us with the visual companion of Year Zero, which when announced was thought to come to life as a movie, was last heard of as a TV show being shopped around to networks.


Then we had the incredible Niggy Tardust, and my heart lept. Trent is free from a label, he has pumped out an album through internet only, and I can't wait until Year Zero Pt. 2.



Please hurry......

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