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OSx86 noob - Some questions


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I have just purchased a Compaq Presario C700 notebook to replace my tired old G3 iBook which I was running OS X 10.3 on. I am interested in dual-booting OS X and Vista on it and wasn't too sure whether to try for Leopard via EFI, JAS' tiger or something else.


The specs of machine are:

Intel Penitum Dual core T2310


120 GB SATA HDD (in AHCI mode, doesn't seem to be a setting in BIOS to change it :()


Intel 925 Chipset and video

Realtek RTL8139 NIC

Broadcom wireless LAN



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Well I jumped in the deep end and went ahead and gave it ago. I tried ToH RC2 (which installed but wouldn't boot) and ended up using the leopard-x86-flat-img release. It works well apart from my video which only displays on an external monitor. I have deleted the AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext to get it to display on my in-built screen. Unfortunately it means I can't run the widescreen resolution and am stuck at 1024x768.


The only other annoyance is that to use the inbuilt ALPS trackpad I have to turn it off while booting and activate it once Leopard has loaded.


EDIT: I should also mention that I have no battery meter

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