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Bless problem


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I guess the bless command you're using is the real Mac's bless command which is

not intended to be used in HackIntosh installation.


In my case, I found that the real Mac OS X's bless command is intended to be used

only on real Mac machine where it will write nothing to the disk, but will write something

to EFI NVRAM. And the bless command on Brazil Mac installation is a blank command

which actually does nothing !!


So, I end up skipping the instructions about blessing the devices or mounts (can't use

real bless command because we don't have EFI NVRAM on PC and no need to use

new bless command because it does nothing anyway).... and it works just fine.


What I am trying to say is .... I use only fdisk command to make the partition active

... then unmount ... do the dd, and startupfiletool.... that's all. ;)

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