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How to make a Leo DVD bootable ?


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I downloaded the AMD 10.5.1 version (without the spanish language -it only has French and English-), and i created a sparse image in the desktop where i added my native language from another Leo DVD disc (TOHx86 which has all languages).


after that i burned the image (dmg) into a DVD media with the Disk Utility, but when i tried to boot, i noticed it's not a bootable DVD.

How can i make the dvd bootable ?


pointing to /Volumes/Temp/System/Installation/Packages (the sparse image is named as Temp) and adding there the file Spanish.pkg, is enought to make the installation setup to choose that language, or have i to add/modify another file ?


How can i remove the -v option in the com.apple.boot.plist in the DVD to avoid it when Leo is installed ? where is located that file ?


THANKYOU and excuse me if my english is not perfect... :P

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