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Please, How to recover my partition !


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Hi all,


Perhaps you could help me: :)


Here it is:

My hard drive is partionned like this:

Tiger (60GB)

Secondary (120GB)


I've used Leopard brazil DVD to install Lepard. With diskutil I've divided my 60GB partition and locked the 120 Gb one. Applied changes.

Now I have 3 partitions:

Leopard (30GB)

Backup (30GB)

Secondary (120GB)

I've started to install Leopard one the first partition ( 30Gb ).

Booted from the DVD, terminal : no more files on the Secondary Parition !!

There are only 3 files: .Trash / .Timemachine and one another that I don't remember.


I supposed that diskutil formatted my Secondary partition when I've divided the first one.


How can I recover my partition ? Use a specific software, grep ?

I've not yet applied patches to my leopard install.


Thanks for your help.

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