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Guide+Support; to installing EFI v8+ dual booting(Pics)

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My Pc conifg is Intel® Pentium D,1 GB ram,3.00 Ghz...........


so which Mac OS install will work on my pc .......

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Hey people. I have a Toshiba Satellite model A305-S6872. I was wondering if anyone could tell me wat the best and easiest way to install OS X on it is. I have done so before, but it kept crashing. For my first install, I used the Kalyway install. Everything worked fine except the webcam and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi card is the Intel 5100, which I understand is under development. For my second install, I used iPC. It was even worse, but I didnt have to go through the whole update thing with backing up me Kexts. The ethernet didnt work, sound didnt... etc. On both installs the webcam didnt work. Help would be greatly appreciated. Again my two questions: What is the best way to installl OSx86 on the Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872, and how do I get the webcam to work.



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so, is there any way i can dual boot to xp/vista/7 using non-core processor (P4 to be specific)?


like installing into another hdd (i have 1 extra) and going in the bios to switch hdd priority boot (i don't mind)?

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You sir, are a savior. thank you so much. After following this guide, mac boots perfectly. my internet now works. and also my gfx are at full resolution. Just cant get quartz GL working but that is the least of my concerns :D

last thing to do is get a codec dump for my sigmatel card and I will be a happy camper. thanks again,



EDIT: NVM I got quartz Gl working, now its just the audio :D

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