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Anyone try a Asus P5L-MX for Leopard


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I was wondering if anyone has tried it and wondered if it works, thx. I will be trying it soon, i just want to know if anyone has had any success, cuz if no one has tried it then i will be experimenting, but if they have tried it and it doesnt work then I would more likely not try it then try it.

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I have this motherboard and I tried many different Leopard version but still no luck.

I successfully installed it, but I can see the welcome screen because of either infinite reboot or blinking cursor. Have you successfully installed on yours? Please share your experience.

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I already PMed Rockia about the kext and by "fully working" he ment everything except lan. sound works with the sound drivers that come with kalyway 10.5.1 and to get lan working just buy a pci card for it. Basically if it has a realtek 8139 chipset it should work and u can get one for about £10.


Hope that helps

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hi, i have that mainboard... P5l-mx


everything works perfect except onboard lan & sleep


i downloaded iatkos 4i (Leopard 10.5.4)



I formatted my HD in format table MBR, 30Gb for Mac OS X, 50Gb for time machine, rest for hard disk

After installing, the partition didn't seem to boot, but then i realize that i had to boot from the dvd without writing anything, letting the counter finish.

then immediately the machine booted from the Mac OS X ( I don't understand why!! but it did)


After booting i had to make my Mac OS X partition bootable, so i downloaded OSx86 tools



once open i selected install efi/run fdisk - run script - password - option 4 (install_chameleon_EFI) - read the instructions

then you're done!


note* when i need to reinstall leopard i restore the image on a pendrive (using disk utility.... Source: drag the image 10.5.4 Destination: drag the pendrive partition.. press restore and wait) then i make it bootable using the same method explained. Using a pendrive the installation is about 15-20min at the most! booting from pendrive 10secs.


Also you can use time machine's restore from backup, (you'll have to make bootable again! )




good luck!!



Motherboard - Asus P5L-MX

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz

Memory - 2 GB DD2 RAM 667MHz

Hard Drive - 250 GB 7200 rpm 16Mb Cache - 12GB 5400rpm (windows)

Optical Drive - Sony DVD-RW

Graphics Chipset - Intel GMA 950

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