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Network Connection Drop & 'Self Assigned ip' Problem...Please Help :(

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I have new unusual symptoms :)


My mouse started behaving quite strange moment my lan drops, it first starts moving too fast and then super fast and reverse :blink::blink:


I'm starting to delete kext I don't think are necesary one after another to see if it helps...

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i have a broadcom 440x ethernet and found 100% working solution. No kext problems, if your machine up to 2gb ram, internet randomly droped, but 1gb ram, no drop, fast and stability. Everyone try this "maxmem=1024" boot param. and please write comments. what couse this problem ?

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I just realize that many of my networks drops are related to itunes. (When itunes is running drops are more frequent).


Anyone reach any solution?



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might try backing up & deleting the AppleHPET.kext from the System/Library/Extensions folder. That driver drove me and my network crazy for a few days.



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My solution was:


3. net.link.ether.inet.apple_hwchksum_rx and�net.link.ether.inet.apple_hwchksum_rx set to 0 (Disabling Apple Hardware SUM16 checksuming)


This definitely worked for me. Right now I have a RT8169 Gigabit PCI/PCI-X card and that stopped the drops for me. Tested transferring multiple 4+Gb files in the last hour. Funny, but chipset had nothing to do with it. I tried several different cards, broadcom, realtek, nforce and they all dropped. The only fix seemed to be cpus=1 (which disabled dual core).


I tried everything, cpu settings, different kexts, bios settings, etc., but this actually worked.

As a side note, you don't have to pay for some app to change the network settings, just open Terminal.app



sudo su
"Enter Password"
echo net.link.ether.inet.apple_hwcksum_rx=0 >> /etc/sysctl.conf 
echo net.link.ether.inet.apple_hwcksum_tx=0 >> /etc/sysctl.conf

After you reboot, you can verify the changes took effect with

sysctl -A net.link | grep net.link.ether.inet.apple_hwcksum
Both values should return 0





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Just another idea.


I had this problem also. I could boot into OsX (tripple boot system) and have "self assigned IP". If I booted into Windows XP, I would have a "self assigned IP", but if I booted into ubuntu, no network problems at all. At first, I thought my onboard nic was dieing, but since I had perfect network in linux, this could not be the case.


The weirdest part about it all was that I had another PC on my network that had no problems with network at all, even if I swapped ethernet ports where the PC's connected to the router. This ruled out my routers.


After a {censored} ton of g-o-o-g-l-i-n-g, I found out that the cause of this elusive problem was simple. My computers, routers, xboxes (on my network), and monitors were all plugged into wall outlets that were NOT grounded and the "noise" caused my network issues. So, I ran a 3-prong extension cord from a grounded outlet in another room to a power strip in my computer room and then plugged in all 3-prong devices (computer towers and monitors) to this strip. I have not had network issues since.

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Well, unfortunately after long term testing I started to see drops again. At least infrequently (several hours) so it's not too bad.

We really need a solution to this, and by that I don't mean buying a USB dongle.


The outlet I'm working off isn't grounded, so I'll check back after testing with an extension cord.


So far, I imagine it has to do with Ethernet hardware/software check-summing. For some reason the

hardware checksum screws up (electrical noise??) and the network stack crashes. I though I disabled this, but I guess not completely.


New drivers don't solve the problem, I've used several cards and different driver types, it's definitely a nForce mobo/pci bus issue here.

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In the end I connected a usb ethernet to my mobo and disabled all other ethernet onboard/external cards. No problems whatsoever now with downloads and losing ip adress.


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Hey Sun.


I tried your above method, but the network still didn't come back on. It showed 'connected' but couldn't browse internet or network.




Here is another funny thing though...


In the past few days, I've had two days when the connection was PERFECT! No drop outs at all.


But on BOTH these days, iChat, during conversation, had lots of static noise! After a restart the static went away but the connection dropped within minutes...


I just can't seem 2 understand what all this is related to...


I had a similar problem with Snow Leopard I have a Temporary fix don't know if it works for tiger or regular leopard. Or if it depends on your ISP.


Please post anything better you find in that topic.

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Another "me too" with this problem. I have a p5n32-e sli plus mobo and I couldn't get the nforce ethernet/lan drivers that came with iATKOS v7 to work. The OS would see the two network card, but it wouldn't get the connection etc. I think the icon stayed red/orange in the network panel. Anyway, I bought a Netgear GA311 (rtl8169 I think; just realized I didn't read the actual card... only read the pic of it on the box when I was at Frys). This card was detected automatically, but when I'm trying to download a 3gig file via safari/firefox, connection just stops working. Trying to renew the IP gives me a self assigned ip.. (169.254.x.x). Static ip doesn't work. I went through the permutations of 10/100/1000mbps + half/full duplex and diff ports on the switch etc., and tried to kextunload/load the driver but without success. after all that, i looked at the card and I see that all the lights are off.


Oh aside from the 3gig file, I was able to download firefox as well as update os to 10.5.8 + all the other updates without a problem. But the other stuff only was half a gig to a gig max.


Anyway, reading through the thread, its not a problem with NICs. some here are using 680i chipset mobos. Probably not chipset specific, but for those that have this issue, it persists on different NICs.


Hmm, I have Gigabyte EP43-UD3L that I just bought in case I had issues with this old p5n32-e sliplus. Unless someone has a working fix, or suggestions, I'll probably be replacing the mobo later on today.

Hopefully the gigabyte mobo works better.

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I'm having the same prob but changing mobo doesn't seem like a solution to me. I have dualboot and under windows my lan works fine


I figure it has something to do with some cache which is emtied upon reboot? Anyone an idea what cache this could be? Or any other buffering thingy...

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