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Applemtrrsupport ..some memory error ( and a pill )


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i followed one of the 'regular' guides for installing tiger ( deadmoo ).

ive loaded it maybe 4-5 times ( the OS ).

when the grey screen comes up, with the gray apple...

i get the spinning clock thing..and then , up near the stem of the apple,

this white square appears..it has a circle in it, with a line through it.

this symbol looks like an old apple power button.

ive been on osx before..it seems this square appears right when the cursor should start.

ive tried all the boots\\but the most curious one was '-s'.

when i did that one, it would hang at the AppleMTRRSupport line, and give a memory error..im so tired. :( .i know i will fit right in @ insanelymac


thnx- grannybot

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