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Help with a login script and default dernel flags


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I have updated to 10.5.1 with EFI working (though not with the default kernel, I still have to use the ToH kernel). I just have two problems.


1. My wireless runs on Ralink 2500 so the WirelessUtilityCardbusPCI application starts when I boot. I would like a script to close that after about 10 secs. It really a minor annoyance, but hey. I figure its probably pretty simple, automator doesn't seem to have a time out feature or specify on boot.


2. I have to boot with the -f flag or I get a grey screen of death. How can I set the default kernel flag to -f so I don't have to Press F8 and type it.


EDIT: I fixed 2 by adding '-f' to the strings below Kernel flags key in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist.


If there is a better way let me know.


Thanks for the help all.

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I did finally get the application to close, It was tricky because the script wouldn't work unless I closed the wireless utility and re-executed it. That is because on logon it is run as root and you have to adjust your script accordingly.



I used automator and put in a 5 sec pause then run applescript


on run {input, parameters}


do shell script "kill_pid=`ps ax | grep WirelessUtilityCardbusPCI | grep -v grep | awk '{ print $1 }'`; kill $kill_pid" password "*****" with administrator privileges


return input

end run



I saved it as an application and set it as a startup item. It works well, you just need to adjust the pause to your system so it has enough time to acquire the network before it is closed.

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