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new setup, all working?

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I know many people post these, but I just wanted to make sure all this hardware would work.




I was planning on buying a normal mac for Christmas, but I saw the hackintosh article on lifehacker and decided I would see how much cheaper I could get get what I wanted by using normal pc hardware. My list is about $500 cheaper and the cpu, ram, and video card are much better than what I was planning on getting plus I threw in LOTS of extras. I researched the parts and my first conclusion was that they should work out of the box with Leopard, that is what I am going for. Also, I'll probably get a Miglia TV Micro Express eventually but I hear those work well.


As far as the stuff I plan to do with it, I do graphic work as a hobby, and I also game, so here are the main apps I'd like to use:





and also:



World of Warcraft



I can't think of anything else that is major or I wouldn't set up on an Archlinux partition.


Anyways, does anyone see anything on this list that pops out at you as a piece of hardware that will cause issues or needs special attention?

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