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MB Pro - Software/plugin questions..


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Hey all,


I must admit, I feel rather odd. I'm a long-time PC user, and am only now contemplating buying a Mac..

(Please be gentle) :P


I purchased a Sony Vaio notebook to be used for audio recording 3 months ago. To cut an extremely long and tedious story short, I ended up returning the unit due to the fact that it was faulty, along with 3 other replacement Sony notebooks I was given, and am now considering opting for the Macbook Pro.

The system I am looking at: 15" glossy LCD, 2.4Ghz C2D, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 256mb GPU, 200GB 7200rpm HDD. I have a PreSonus Firepod audio interface, which I will be using for recording, and a Digitech GNX4 guitar multi-effects pedal.


Being a Sonar 6 Producer Edition user (and huge fan!! Disappointed that I can't use it on the Mac.. :hysterical: ), I'd like to know what you guys/gals recommend in terms of software/DAWs. I initially thought I'd go with Cubase for Mac **insert latest top-notch Cubase version here???** (altough I must admit, I didn't like Cubase very much on PC, which is why I ended up discovering Sonar).


I have many VST effects that I use with Sonar also... I'm guessing I won't be able to use those on the Mac??

How does all this work? Can you use VST's on Mac? I know Mac uses what's called "AU's", but will there be no compatibility with any of the effects I've collected over the years?


Is Cubase not widely used with Mac? Is there a reason for this? I've noticed that most folks on this forum use Logic and the like..


Should a long-time PC user such as myself go for the Mac? Will I have trouble adjusting to the Mac/whichever new software I purchase? Are there any known midi/firewire incompatibilities? I will also be using Reason 3 as a ReWire device, FYI..


I hope you can gather where I'm coming from:- potential Mac user, needing to know whether I'm making the right decision, which software to consider using, etc. After recording on countless unstable PC systems, I want something powerful and reliable. I want to ensure, as best as I can, that I make the right choices in terms of notebook and software.


I've ran numerous google searches on these topics to help me reach a conclusion, but have only managed to confuse myself further.


Any help/advice/info with regards to MB Pros, DAWs, etc, would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated at this point. :rolleyes:


Thanking you in advance,



*dazed & baffled*

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I am in the same situation as you, long time pc user... about to switch to osx... for GOOD


Logic studio is where its at


also yes you can use vst's but (mac versions) you might find them, you might not ;)


that macbook setup sounds nice :P i've wanted one for awhile but you need money for that right?

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Hi syfenx,

I suppose anything Mac-related involves spending a little more money than you would for a pc equivalent.

But I need the stability and power that I've yet to see from a pc.. I'm not sure though, whether I should take the leap and head on over to 'Mac world'. I was hoping to have some of my questions answered by knowledgeable Mac/audio folks before I made either:


a ) a very solid and appropriate investment, or

b ) the most expensive computer-related mistake of my life





Any more info/advice would be very helpful, everyone.



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