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Triple boot help


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I have no n00bish questions about the install, it runs great (apart from no wireless, but it's a 3945ABG so I wasn't expecting miracles) and I have no crashes or whatever. My only gripes are the windows key not working (DoubleCommand does not help), no wired networking either after installing iwifi3945 driver, and the nVidia driver makes the screen go crazy for 15 seconds before the login window shows up.


But I digress. My real issue is the triple booting. My partition layout is as follows:


- Primary, active, NTFS (XP)

- Primary, ext3 (Linux)

- Primary, type AF (HFS+)

- Primary, swap (Linux)


So, the thing is - if I set the AF partition to active, I can boot into OS X perfectly, but if I set XP's one as active and add the following line to boot.ini


c:\chain0="Mac OS X 10.4.8 (Tiger)"


And place the chain0 file from the install DVD on C:\, I just can't boot it when I select it's entry on the menu. I press enter and something happens really quickly and I get returned to the boot menu.


Booting from the menu works perfectly for my Fedora 8 install, and I read some tutorials that say that this can be because OS X's partition boot sector being wrong, but if so I would get "chain booting error" and I don't. I have also checked in an hexa editor and the last two bytes of the boot sector are set to AA and 55 as they should be.


So, please: what am I doing wrong?


Thanks for your time reading this,

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