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So what's THE torrent site now?

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one of the main admins from oink has a blog(tehpaine... if you were ever banned on your first offense.. it was probably this guy that did it........he and I have exchanged many pms over the years because i'd always upload bootlegs which would become debatable amongst the staff (official SBD vs. random guy with a dat deck)... seeing how he's gone to bat for me when appropriate(to keep me on the site) i can vouch for his legitimacy in trying to create a positive music sharing portal):



Anyhow, he consistantly rips into what.cd... especially their shotty programming (which again i can vouch for)... the {censored} who setup the site has gotten DoS attack after DoS attack.. along with sql injections {censored} up the site, etc... he seriously doesn't know what he's doing and people are exploiting the hell outta it... i have heard good things from friends who are on waffles though...

stmusic has been growing pretty rapidly and i've been noticing their top 10 list is updated almost as frequently as oinks was in terms of latest content...

Then there's pedros... which has been around forever.. only lossless... but uberfast + always has crazy gems you can't find anywhere else (no pre-releases though)



but if you know what you're looking for in the first place, nothing beats isohunt


...just my two cents

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