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1.1.1 firmware for iPod Touch?


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So, I bought an iPod touch last night, and it came with the 1.1.2 firmware. I downloaded the 1.1.1 iPhone ipsw, but iTunes fails when it tries to use it (Not where it's supposed to, either). I can't seem to drag my iPod touch back to jailbreak it. Could someone link me to the old firmware? Or perhaps give me a guide to this? All the stuff out there is for iPhones, and any of the guides that include iPod Touches assume that you got 1.1.1 on it. No real assistance for those with 1.1.2 on theirs. =(

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Here's how:

1. Restore iPod Touch to 1.1.1

2. You will get an error, this is normal

3. Quit iTunes

4. Download and install iNdependence

5. Launch it, and it will kick your iPod out of the connect to iTunes mode (it takes about a minute)

6. Jailbreakme.com

7. Download and install OKtoPrep

8. Upgrade your iPod to 1.1.2

9. Download this and put it on your desktop (should be a folder named "1")

10. If you do not have the redline library, I will attach it in a zip file, put it in the root of you computer "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/"

11. Close iTunes

12. Open terminal, if the "1" Folder is on your desktop, do "cd ~/Desktop/1"

13. Type "./osx"

14. An App will open

15. Press Jailbreak!

16. Wait 10 mins

17. Restart your device


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