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Sapphire ATI x1600 Silent 71c0 DVI on Leopard

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Are there any Kext for Leopard that support DVI output for the Sapphire ATI x1600 Silent (71c0) in resolution 1920x1200? The kexts that comes with the ToH release seem to be universal (with artifacts) in resolution 1024x768.


Thanks for your help!

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hey try this, ive got a similar card but with id 71c2 .. just download de diabolik installer from his page


first of all put your id in the atix1000.kext and in the atix1000va.kext Plists


for atix1000. the line you are searching for is , iopciprimarymatch. put your id like this under the ioprimarymatch 71c01002


the go to atix1000va.kext.


search for 2 longs entrys that hare like this: 1002xxxx-00000-0000-000-00000-- or someting i just tiped a demo...


were i put the xxxx put your id 71c0 in the 2 long entrys..



after that open diaboliks installer, and install ONLY natitx1600. and the atindrv 10,4,5.. DONT INSTALL THE OTHERS CAUSE IT WOULD MAKE A KERNEL PANIC.


then repair permisions and reboot. it must get into leopard like normal, and the resolution will be fixed and the top bar will be transparent.


if this doesn't worked. and when you move a windows it disapaers. go to ationdrv.kext. open the info.plist and put where it says ati.wormy put "display" without ""


and when it says, iondrvdevice change it to IOPCIDevice



you didnt said if your card is agp or pci expres. but this worked for me..


good look!


and i hope you in the search of the QE/Ci no kernel panics! jejej


sory my english


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i have got the same card (71c0)


the following works for me :


- deleting natit.kext

- copying ATIinject.kext

- setting permissions (chmod -R 755 ; chown -R root;wheel)

- repairing permisions

- deleting all caches


rebooting et voilà... all the résolutions, CI,QE, no artifacts...


i hope this will help you

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