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10.5 ToH : Instalaltion, Boot OK bit FINDER crash

Cyberdog !

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My install is good @ 100 %

Boot OK @ 100 %


Desktop appears, the dock appears, all apps from dock works good but Finder relaunch automatically


Delete home's prefs.

Delete Library pref


Try again but Finder relaunch automatically.


I've not found answer in the forum



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I have this same issue on my MBP - any suggestions?


I'm having this problem right after upgrading from 10.5 to 10.5.1 - I messed up, I was drowsy and I overwrote

files I wasn't suppose to.


I'm having a world of issues. no icons, finder won't launch, etc. but I won't go down without a fight

so I'm going to check to if I can reverse what I did.

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I first installed leo with same things finderrelaunchquit.............

Can´t manage desktop and go to reinstall, first time install over Tiger, after format partition and attempt to install clean :imposible, reinstall tiger and a few items, my wifi USB Ralink and others, put leo dvd and take to upgrade with leo as same first time, work, and take carefully dont change anything on my desktop, first time install my attempt to make changes with screensaver adjust others windows properties, now nothings for this, and to present time follow working at all.

have anothers questions regardings issues for perfect assembling Leopard on my system :

MoBo : Asrock K8Upgrade-NF3

with Nvidia 250 Chipset

CPU=AMD-Semprom with SS3 1800MHz

2 x 512 MBs. DDR Memory

Radeon Shaphire 9550 256MHz. AGP x 8


LG DVD RAM Recorder

: no work Network card for now Nvidia NIC on MoBo.

Only leave this here if can done tracks about for anothers.

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