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Leo Installation Problem


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Hi all,


I'm new of this forum, but not really new to hackintosh.


I go directly to my problem: (at the moment I have tried only through VMware)

I have downloaded the Brazilian DVD , and burned on a DVD-R. When I try to boot from that DVD at the Darwin bootloader I insert "-v platform=x86pc" and after press enter, the system start to load from the DVD thousand of files (they spin to fast to see what kind of files are) and after a while the system reboot.


The virtual machine configuration works with Tiger 10.4.9.


So this afternoon I will try to make a clean instalL on my system, according to you I will be able with this configuration:


M/B: Abit AB9Pro ICH8R

CPU: Core 2 DUO 2.13GHz

Video card: GeForce 8800GTS

Sound: 1st Creative audigy; 2nd the integrated one (I don't remember the model) oviously not at the same time).


Can some one help me?

Thanks in advance



Sorry for my English.


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In the week-end I have installed a SATA DVD burner, seen that seem that the IDE drives connected to the Jmicron controller does not works, even if connected as esxternal USB drive.


But when I boot telling to the bios to use as first boot drive the SATA DVD he is unable to boot, (the activity led do not flash at all).


I tried to connect it on the Silicon Sata controller and on Jmicron Sata controller, always the same problem.


Please Help Me!!

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