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Bootcamp Drivers Leopard

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Hey Guys,


I put the Windows Drivers for Bootcamp 10.5.6 online. I had trouble finding this stuff elsewhere so I made a copy of it from the Retail DVD.

I guess most of you have these drivers available but whoever needs it should download it here...



Here is the Download link:






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I have not downloaded any drivers for i cannot find my leopard disks. Therefore i have neither an internet connection, nor can i play any games. When i attempt to download the driver for intel it says "this system does not meet minimum requirements." Should i download these drivers in a specific order? Also most driver installers do not even boot when clicked upon.

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Thanks to userx:


How-To Extract the Boot Camp Drivers from the Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard DMG




So, you've waited for hours and hours for your Leopard DMG to finish torre-I mean, download from the ADC website. You don't have an extra DL-DVD laying around or you just don't want to use one - that's fine, but when you use boot camp, you'll find it asks for the Leopard DVD anyways!


You don't have to download the drivers from anywhere, you can extract them and copy/paste them from OS X! Here's a step-by-step guide on making it easy.


Part 1


Do not mount the Leopard DMG. If it is mounted, unmount it and then restart (you must restart or it will not work, there's no way to get around it, sorry guys.)


Part 2


Open a new Terminal window. If you don't know where to find terminal it's in Applications/Utilities.


Type in:


sudo hdid -nomount

[Add a space to the end] and drag the Leopard DMG file from your hard drive to the terminal window. The path will appear, and you can hit enter on the command. This forces the HFS+ partition of the Leopard DMG to not load, allowing the ISO part of the DMG to be booted, which is what we need.


If you're not using sudo already, it'll ask you for your password, type it in, hit enter, and you'll be rewarded with the following:


/dev/disk? Apple_partition_scheme

/dev/disk?s1 Apple_partition_map

/dev/disk?s2 Apple_Driver_ATAPI

/dev/disk?s3 Apple_HFS

Take note of the "?" because you'll need to remember it in a little bit.


Part 3


We need to make a way for the volume to mount on your Mac, so type in:


mkdir /Volumes/drivers

You'll recieve no response but this is normal.


Part 4


You're almost there! We now need to force the DMG to load with the ISO volume instead of the HFS+ volume. To do so, simply type:


sudo mount -t cd9660 -o nodev,nosuid /dev/disk? /Volumes/drivers

Where ? is the number we mentioned earlier. Remeber not to include the 's1,' 's2,' or 's3' parts in this command.


Now you simply have to restart Finder, which is easy to do from terminal:


killall Finder

Now you just have to copy the drivers onto a USB drive [or burn them to a disc], boot into Windows and install.

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Thank you so much, I looked all over for this :D but I have a problem with my internal speakers :s I mean, they are working just fine but they constantly make this background noise, like a scratched CD (I cant explain better, sorry :P) that drives me crazy! This only happens in my windows partition. Any ideas, solutions or people that share the same problem?


Thank you once again ;) (and sorry but my english is a little bit rusty ;p)

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Hey, Well i downloaded the part files 1-4 and i installed it but my enthernet drivers and my isight drivers are not installed still ........ i am running vista sp1 my set up is leopard 10.5.8 . What do u think my problem could be? The reason for me downloading these files you posted is becasue ive misplaced my Mac OS X cds ^_^ and these are the only bootcamp files in the world that is avable for DL. Thanks any feedback would be helpful!!

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