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no sound in MKV-files in quicktime


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Hi there,


In order to play my 720p movies in frontrow I need them to play in Quicktime. I've installed a couple of codecs inculding perian. I've never seen HD content play so smooth. There is one remaining issue tough. There is no audio. Whenever I play one of my movies in VLC or MPlayer it's all good, however, in order to make them play in frontrow they need to work in quicktime.


I've checked the audiostream of the files, they are AAC-MP4a and AC3.


I'm running leopard.


Any help is welcome, thnx in advance

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I am having the same problem with MKVs on quicktime; i need them to work on it so i could play them on frontrow:

i have a macbook

13 inch

intel based

leopard already installed since i bought it

AND sound issues???

WHy they aren't anybody responding to this sound issue with quicktime........

please, some body reply to me, here and please on my email: cpp281984@yahoo.com

as I just registered and I need to go try to search in other forums......

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have you tried going to system prefs in the perian prefspane and modifying the audio to use stereo instead of dolby?


Thanks SG, you made my day! It didn't work with the old perian though, I hit the update button and voila after the update it worked! with Stereo as well as Dobly Prologic I and II. I wasn't working on .mkv but still your solution let me had sound in videos probably with xvid etc. GREAT! By the way, what osx tool is good to check the type of these stream? :)

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