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Leopard Installed But Almost Nothing Works


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Hey. Let my start out by saying that I am completely new to the whole OSx86 scene so, yea, I am a noob and that might be my main problem :whistle: .


I am triple booting Tiger, Leopard, and XP. My main is XP then I partitioned it into 3 different parts installed Tiger from the JaS 10.4.8 DVD and then from OS X I installed Leopard using the flat image installation method.


My problem? I've got NO WORKING DRIVERS! I have looked around and it seems most of my hardware is supported and I have tried installing the .kexts, but for some reason they do absolutely nothing. I installed my Sigmatel 92XX drivers, made sure to follow the instructions, rebooted, nothing. I installed my Broadcom 57XX Ethernet drivers and got no result. And the worst is when I tried to install my nVidia Go 7950 GTX 512 MB vRAM drivers it causes my computer to not boot. (I have posted a topic requesting help on that over at their forums: http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=2602) So that's my problem. The OS works, but I have no audio, internet, or video drivers. This is for both my Tiger and Leopard installation, I have tried a multitude of times to get these drivers working on both Leopard and Tiger, but nothing. The results are exactly the same even down to the GFX drivers causing my computer not to boot anymore. So here is my system:


Dell XPS m1710

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz

2GB 667MHz RAM

nVidia Go 7950 GTX with 512 MB of vRAM

180GB HD triple booting Leopard - Tiger - XP

Sigmatel 92XX (I can't find the exact model cause all my dell diagnostics utility will give me is the 92XX)

Broadcom 57XX Ethernet

Intel Pro Wireless 3475 (Read it won't work; the driver caused my system to no longer boot)


So can anyone help me... anyone? :(


Oh and more of an offtopic thing: My Tiger installation boots 100% of the time with no errors. My Leopard installation boots maybe 30% of the time. The other 70% my system will just crash with the Apple logo up with no error and when I boot using -v it's the same thing. No error just shuts off and gives me the Dell screen. I have to keep booting into the partition until it works.\



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What broadcom is it? what hardware id is it? (you can find this through windows) I have my broadcom BCM5789 working, i used the AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext off this board.


One thing to do is open terminal, type the following


sudo -s

<enter pass>


<look to see the results and look for a network interface called en0 or enX where X is a digit.>

<if one exists, then look at the details for a MAC address , it might be 00:00:00:00:00>

<if it is all zeros then this most likley needs to be set, get the MAC address from windows (ipconfig /all) and type in terminal>

ifconfig enX ether <mac address (including colons)> --- where X is the correct digit from the interface found using ifconfig earlier.


if you do not have an interface listed as enX then the kext is prob not loaded. Try looking at the messages during a verbose boot, or you can dump the messages during boot to the terminal window using a command ( i cannot remember but easily looked up) If all looks ok then try to load the kext in manually.


goto terminal, find the kext and type

kextload <kext>


if does not work type following to get detailed output

kextload -t <kext>

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im trying to do this.


i have a kext loaded. there is an en0 interface at least.


when i try to assign the mac address to it, i get an error saying 'ifconfig: ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR): Network is down'


i check ifconfig again and the mac is still all zeros.


does anyone know why this might be happening? bad/wrong kext?

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