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Possible to move location of Home Folders in Leopard?


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Does anybody know how to move the home folders (music, documents, pictures, movies) off the system drive and on to another partition?


I was able to do this in Tiger by deleting the folders and creating alias links to different locations on other hard drives.


Any time I try to do something in Leopard with Home Folders, I get the error: "Music" can't be modified or deleted because it is required by Mac OS X.



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Maybe this can help.

In System Prefs, click the accounts icon.

Once in this dialog, select an user from the list on the left and right click over it then select advanced options...

Here you can change the starting directory (home) of the selected user.

btw, use with care!

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Thanks, your advice worked! I found that unless I created the folders first, that the leopard would not copy all the appropriate folders over, and if there were any icons, leopard kept those icons. To be safe, because I didn't want to mess with the library settings of my programs, I did the following steps...


- reformatted the system drive

- fresh install of OS X 10.5

- copied Home Folders to different hard drive

- changed account settings per your instructions

- rebooted

- deleted old Home folder and created an alias to my new location

- renamed alias to my short name


All is well. Thanks Again!


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