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post-install issues with ToH RC2


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I have asked these questions quit a few times. But I guess my posts got buried in thousands of threads and no one sees them, so I start a new topic. I have tried different methods from reading other people's post but havn't had a solution. Can some one please help?


I installed ToH 10.5 RC2 on my Compaq Presario C571NR laptop. It's a duo core t2080. Broadcom4311 WLAN and Conexant Audio. For most part it works great. But there are a few issues really bug me.


1.) Initially, after the installation, there was no sound. After I installed the Azalia.pkg, I have sound out of the speakers, but I have no headphone output.

I did a Linux codec dump, and try to edit the AppleHDA.kext's Info.plist to no avail. I am not even sure I am going about the right path. Perhaps it's not the AppleHDA I need to edit but something else? Please at least give me some suggestions.


2.) Still struggling with the Broadcom 4311 not working issue. Right now I am using a USB wireless, but would be really nice if I can get the internal one working. I read it somewhere it's a issue with the Broadcom card so I bought a Dell DW 4311 card. Once I installed it, naturally, I got this 104 error msg. I also learned that I nned to flash the bios, which I really reluctant to do as I my fear of ruining the laptop. I am also wondering if that would really help even if I get the laptop to recognize the card, it seems to me that it's an issue with the OS but I have no clue how to fix that.


3.) For some reasons, the Active Monitor doesn't work on my ToH installation. Perhaps in the process of reducing the DVD size, something that was taken out which affected the Active Monitor? And there's no iPhoto either. How can I re-install them?


I would really, really appreciate if someone can help me with these issues or at least give ms some clues. Thanks in advance.

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