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Getting back to Windows Partition.


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So I have JaS 10.4.7 working on my Inspiron 9300 okay so far. I have a few problems so far including...


-I have 1440x900 working thanks to Katana, but no QE or anything that'll make stuff run smoothly.

-Sleep won't wake up, but there's a thread above for that.

-Subwoofer doesn't work.

-I'd really like to update to 10.4.10 so I can use iLife 08, but I don't really know how to.


But most importantly, I can't get back to my Windows partition. I thought I installed a bootloader through WinGrub, but when I restarted, I booted right into osx, and it has done this since. I know the partition is still there, as I can look at it on here, but I'd very much like to be able to dual boot instead of having a partition I can't reach.


Basically, I would really appreciate some assistance in setting up a bootloader, whether it be Grub or anything else. Thanks a bunch in advance.



-Edit- Here's my system specs.


Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop with...


1.6 Pentium M

ATI x300 Mobility Radeon vid card

512 MB of RAM

Sigmatel C-Major Audio

40 gig Hard drive - Split into two partitions for Mac and Windows

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The easiest way to do it IMO is to grab and boot from your Windows install disk and accessing the command prompt under repair. Once there, type:


list disk

select disk [the number of your disk]

list partition

select partition [the number of your windows partition]

active (if this doesn't work, try 'set active' without quotes)

Doing that will allow your windows to become the primary partition, so once you restart, Windows will boot up instead of OS X. Once in windows, grab a copy of EasyBCD 1.7 (google it) and use that to set up a dual boot menu (Vista only) or the chmod method if using XP (search the forums)


If you did everything correctly you should have your dual booting system up in no time. All in all should only take you about 10min or less.


edit: btw,you might or might not have to do this, but i'll post it anyway. If using EasyBCD, you have to press F8 almost simultaneously with the enter key to boot to osx. So in other words, once your computer shows the boot menu and you have your selection of windows or os x, select os x and hit enter. Right after you hit enter, press the F8 key on your keyboard to activate the darwin bootloarder (about a second delay between the two). Then you should see another bootloader called darwin, it's what os x uses. just choose os x again from within darwin and it should load up properly.


Let me know if I helped..

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