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Hey people!


I'm running MacOS X86 in my Hackintosh since the initials trials back to the 10.4.3. As a veteran Mac user, I decided to try this Hackintosh stuff when wondering change my old G4 MacMini. And then, I'm very happy with my machine. It's a Dual Core Pentium D using a 945 Intel Mobo with 4G Ram and two 160Gb Disks. The possibilities of using large Ram amount and using large and faster Hard Drives instead of the Core Duo MacMini make my head. So I'm a happy Hackintosh user so far. :angel:


But I was thinkig about hardware monitoring in a homebrew Mac. In the last years using a genuine Mac I used some programs that gives me online reports of the CPU temp, Hard Disk qouta... And I tried some with my Hackintosh and none works. Do you know a program that will work?


Pentiun D 3.0Ghz

Intel 945GTP (GMA 950)


2x 160GB Sata2




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