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Will Leopard work on theses specs?


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Hi all. Just wondering how well, if at all, Leopard will run on an iMac G4 with these specs:


G4 1 GHz CPU

768MB ram


80gb Hard drive

17 inch wide screen

GeForce4 MX 64mb graphics card.

3 X USB (1.1)

2 X firewire




If it does work, I'm assuming some limitations, such as transparency, core animation and time machine. I also use a P4, 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive, Radeon X300/X550 series running Vista with Aero enabled. Works fine, but what sort of comparison will I see running Leopard on the iMac G4? Any other expected limitations you could mention would be greatly appreciated.

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Well I haven't actually got the iMac yet. After trying to install uphuck and failing, I decided to get a cheap iMac, plus I really like the design of the G4. Therefore, I'm not really Mac literate. I'm pretty sure this iMac is the Feb 2003 model, since the later 17" model was 1.25 and had USB 2.0. I read that it's only upgradable to 1GB memory. What's a fat g card? Graphics card? I didn't think they could be upgraded. Meowy, what are your specs? I'd love to hear your experience running Leopard, but I guess I'll find out soon enough.


Thanks for the info guys. Cheers.

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