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How to emulate OS 7.2 on PC

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Here is the way to emulate old mac OS 7.2 on your PC / Mac.


1.Download the latest version of Basilisk II (Universal Binary) from http://basilisk.cebix.net/ (Basilisk II is an Open Source 68k Macintosh emulator)

2. You need an old macintosh ROM File. You can make it if you own a mac or google it.

3. Download the free and legal 4.3MB Macintosh OS 7.5.3 Starter Disk from "http://www.emaculation.com/articles/starterdisk.zip"

4. You need HFs explorer, using HFs explorer you can create a mac volume. OS 7.2 is just 23MB. So, you dont need more than 100 MB of disk space.

5. You can download a free copy of 7.2 from apple "ftp://ftp.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/System/Older_System"

6. Select the location of the ROM file under the Memory/Misc tab, select Quadra 900 in the drop down and give it a good amount of memory (I set it to 128MB). CPU Type was set to 68040.

7. Set Graphics/Sound Width to 800 and Height to 600

8. Click Add… on the Volumes tab and select the Starterdisk.dmg image. and also add your new volume.

9. You will see OS 7.2 coming up via boot floppy. Using which you can start the installation. Installation takes less than 2mins.

10. After reboot. Remove the start up disk. & reboot to get your os 7.2 running.



If you need screen shots i will post it.


All the links here are free. I dont think apple will bug me .

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I am an Apple Fan, and absolutly Hate MS, but Downgrading from what we have today?......just doesn't do it for me, i would rather have MS....

Or at least, if you wanna go backwards, stay with OS X. remember Jag, and cheetah, or Puma...Everybody loves a bit of pussy..

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