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Some very IMP questions before installing OSX86 for the FIRST TIME

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This is gonna be my first time installing osx86 on a pc and ive downloaded uphuck_10.4.9_1.4a.. now ive read other threads where people have been having major issues with it.. so am just wondering if the release is a bad one and should it be avoided? or are there people out there with a successful install as well?


Another thing is i believe i need to create a new partition and format it as as MAC HFS+ Journalled from the DVD Disk Utilities program.. now would i lose any data while partitioning?


And if by any chance the installation isnt successful, can i easily get back into windows? as i currently have windows installed and dont want to remove it.. plus im going to be using my 1 n only PC which has a SATA HDD in it to install osx86 which i currently use with windows atm.


so is it safe to install OSX86? keep in mind i really really want to install OSX86..


Feedback from all users appreciated..




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bump!! some answers pls..


You will erase your windows partition if you partition with disk utility.


safest move is to get external hd (stick an old HD into a usb unit) and install to that.


Once you know what you are doing, then install to your HDD.

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