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oh crap! AMD


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k. I hit tab and it loads my harware info and bios version but when I hit del to enter setup it just says entering setup and does nothing. I can't seem to find a key to get it to boot. Does anyone know a workaround? I'm having to post from my phone :)

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k guys. I have tried 3 times now. Once I connect my vista hd and reformat the mac hd the boot cd works upon restarting. The issue am running into is after the install, my comp refuses to boot past the hardware spec and memory test screen. I cannot even access my bios settings.


I have isolated the issue to possibly the he where mac os is freshly installed bc when I disconnect the mac hd, I am able to go into my bios.


Currently I am stuck and would apreciate your help. Surely someone knows a way to get this working.


My current screen where I am stuck at shows my hardware info which is this:


Phoenix award bios


(FT20S01E) ATI RS480 + ULi M1573


Main processor: amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4200+

memory testing: 2096128k OK

cpu0 memory info: DDR 400 CL:3 ,2T timing, dual channel 128-bit


IDE channel 0 master: maxtor 4D040H2 DAH017K0

IDE channel 0 slave: atapi DVD dd 2X16X4X16 G7P9


Ide channel 2 master: none

IDE channel 3 master: none




Press DEL to enter setup (which hangs when connected with mac hd)



Please help me. Thisis all before the installed mac OS can boot up to i cant f8

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now im getting scared to install MAC on my PC and plus im just abt done downloading uphuck 10.4.9 1.4a :(


sorry i cant help here as im a nub at this myself and if i install it would be my first osx on pc install.. but i want to learn from ur mistakes.. could u not install mac on the same HD with windows installed? if u did, r there chances of facing the same issue?

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i am using a completely separate hdd. Windows is in one and osx86 is sitting in the other.

I have recently obtained the tubgirl version and run into the same issue so i am thinking its a bios or format



If you installed osx86 on the same hdd that your windows os is on; i do not know how to fix it. Perhaps a hdd restore utility but i dont know. I just figured keeping them on separate hd's would be easier and safer than trying to dual boot for my first time

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