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OS X Tiger not booting Up, stuck at bios

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Hey all,

I'm new to this forum and my question goes like this:

I just installed OS X Tiger (Uphuck 10.4.9) on a seperate harddrive with my main one unplugged. The installer finished then hung when it started to reboot. So, I held the power button until it restarted. Oddly enough, the computer now will not boot into OS X even with my main harddrive unplugged. It gets stuck at the bios and thats it. The harddrive inticator light doesnt flash or anything. Also, my computer will not boot with that harddrive pluged in. I have to unplug the second harddrive (the one with OS X) to get vista to load. Is there any way to fix this?


Thanks in advance,



Edit: Whoa...forgot to include system specs

Model: Gateway GM5067

Proc: AMD X2 4200+


HHD: 40GB for OS X

Graphics: nVidia 7600 KO OC

ATI Tuner

Sound: Onboard AC'97 and Creative X-FI XtreamMusic

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ok...i sort of fixed the problem by unplugging the harddrive, booting, then re-plugging it in. I was able to re-install OS X...now it won't boot because of the mach_kernel...

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