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leopard 10.4.5 flat image


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Im having problems booting the leopard flat image. Its the first time i've worked with this system so forgive me if Im doing something stupid B) .


Here is how I install it

1. I format the disk I want to instal the image on to FAT32, the disk is called disk 0

2. I copy the Disk 0 bat file from to the main directory.

3. Extract the image in the .rar file

4. I copied everything ( the bat file, dd file, and the image) to my system32 map

5. I run the .bat as admin

6. The bat file starts extracting and my disk turn into a RAW data disk.

7. So far everything went very smooth but nog comes the problem : booting the image.


I tried booting with easyBCD and from BIOS itself, but nothing seems te get the apple partition booting. Am I doing something wrong? Has annyone else had this problem?


Please I ve tried everything


In attachment you'll find pictures of how I instal it. maybe i will help you.

Im trying it on an old computer:

pentium 4 1.9 Ghz (Soltek : Socket 478 main board)

Geforce 4 ti 4600

1 Gb ram

RAID hd : 80 gig

HD (for mac) : 30 gig


Im just messing arround before I instal it on my laptop







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what kind of a hard disk are you installing on? is it a USB or SATA HDD?

try formatting the drive first with diskpart with parameters id=af

also ensure that bios settings have that particular drive configured to boot from..

also turn on AHCI if your BIOS has that setting

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Its azn old ATA so is shouldnt I presume it shouldnt give anny problem, I allready installed Tiger on a ATA and it worked fine (not same pc).

What does the diskpart parameter change to formatting the drive with de diskmanager? Have never used diskpart before.

And I m booting from easyBCD so i presume that I don't have to touch my BIOS. Ill look into tje AHCI part. But normally ive allready tried booting from this disk :-s.

Thanks for the answer

If you have other sugestions please let me know :-).

Grtz Reibzen

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Jup its possible, external and on second partition. You just need 17Gigs of free HD space.

Brows the forum or the demon site for furter instruction when installing on a second partition.

Basicly its changing the partition number in het bat file.

Watch out:

first partition is partition 1 (not 0).

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Im using that image at the moment at its working fine, all you have to do is goto disk management, find what disk number it is then delete the partition. Do not format using any file system! Then use the right bat file. make sure the bat file is were all the image and the rest of the files are and then your done

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