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OSX 10.4.9 installation problem


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I am kind of new to this forum. I was trying to install 10.4.9 with 10.4.10 patch (provided from Kill3R).

I was following the guide at:



But several problems happened before I saw the blue installation screen:

1. bug launchd.c:1990:17 ...

2. AppleHDA.kext failed

3. Can't mount the 2 SATA hard drives


But still the installation screen shows up and I erased the target partition ( I have to change bios for HD to see the disk at correct size other wise they all show as 128G) and installed it.

After restarting the machine, I changed boot sequence and use HD as the first one, then it told me:

HFS+ partition error


I went back to boot up the computer using the DVD disk and I can see the two partitions to boot up (disk (0,0), disk(0,1)). But I can't boot into OSX, it just kept on tell me something wrong, but I can't see it since it blinked too fast.


Could anyone give me some clues about the problem?


Also my hardware configurations:

MB: gigabyte P965-DS3 bios F10

Memory: 2GB

CPU: Core2Duo E4300

Video Card: Radeon 850XT

Hard drive: 200G SATA and 400G SATA


I have windows vista installed and the first (200G) HD has the following partition:

158G for Windows vista, 32G for OSX.

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