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Nvidia Geforce 440 !PLEASE HELP!

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 with an Nvidia Geforce 440 Go video card. I am following a tutorial that says:


"To download MacVidia drivers, you need to register on their site at h**p://www.macvidia.com. Proceed to their download section and stay away from the installers. Let's just go directly to the driver releases."


I went to that site and it then tells me it's under construction, try again in a few hours. It then said the forums are still accessible.


It has been a couple of days now and I really need this driver. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me get this file. I really need to get this working properly.


Thank you in advance to whoever might be able to lend a hand.




I tried the MacVidia installer package today and hosed the system. I am very new to all of this. I had to go through a bunch of command line stuff to get this far but am stupid on what to do. If anyone could help me step by step with this. As I said above, I have a good tutorial but I need that driver release and that site wont work. For DAYS now it says the Site is under construction and to check back in a few hours.If I could get the file mentioned above, I'd be set. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE, lend a hand.

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